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Ophylia 250ml Fragrance Body Mist for Women Inspired by Paco Rabanne Olympea


Top notes: Ginger Flower, Water Jasmine, Green Mandarin
– Middle notes: Salt, Vanilla
– Base notes: Sandalwood, Cashmere Wood, Ambergris

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Ophylia 250ml Fragrance Body Mist for Women by Fragrance World Inspired by Paco Rabanne Olympea

Ophylia, a fragrance that evokes elegance and purity, serves as a reflection of the modern woman’s state of mind. This aromatic woody scent initially unveils verdant hints of basil and lavender, setting a graceful tone.

A recent discovery in the olfactory world, the Moepel chord, emerges as a profound attraction, imbuing the fragrance with its distinctive character. It envelopes the composition with opulent floral, balsamic, and honeyed accents, adding a luxurious touch.

The floral essence gains strength through the dry and delicate notes of absolute wheat bran and hay. The fragrance’s depth and potency find their culmination in the harmonious union of labdanum, sandalwood, and cypress. This interplay of freshness, warmth, and intensity enriches the perfume, accentuating its sweet, woody charm to perfection.

In totality, Ophylia stands as an aromatic embodiment of refinement and modernity, offering a sensory experience that is both captivating and enduring.


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