Musk Areej by Ayat Perfumes – Velvet 100ml EDP for Women – Luxurious Oriental Arabian Scent


Experience the allure of Arabian luxury with Musk Areej by Ayat Perfumes. This 100ml Eau De Parfum for women, expertly crafted in Dubai, combines the richness of litchi, raspberry, peony, rose, musk, and vanilla notes.

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  • Luxurious 100ml Eau De Parfum for women, encapsulating the essence of Arabian opulence.
  • Exotic blend of fragrance notes including litchi, raspberry, peony, rose, musk, and vanilla.
  • Elegant velvet-coated bottle with a magnetic gold cap, reflecting the sophistication of Arabian craftsmanship.
  • Crafted and designed in Dubai, meeting high industry standards for premium quality and long-lasting effect.
  • Gourmet, fresh, and light attar suitable for various occasions and all age groups, embodying timeless Arabian elegance.
  • Inspired by the rich heritage of the Arabian Peninsula, evoking the charm of Arabian nights and Parisian allure.
  • Perfect gifting option, adding an element of elegance and freshness to any luxurious gift set.
  • Recommended usage tips for long-lasting effect, including application after a shower and on moisturized skin.
  • Cautionary note for a patch test before use on the skin, ensuring user safety and satisfaction.
  • Part of Ayat Perfumes’ exquisite collection, reflecting the brand’s expertise in fragrance composition and dedication to using specially selected exotic ingredients.

A Captivating Olfactory Symphony: Unveiling Musk Areej’s Exquisite Fragrance Notes

Musk Areej by Ayat Perfumes is an enchanting blend that harmoniously combines an array of exquisite fragrance notes, resulting in a captivating olfactory experience. This luxurious perfume opens with an energizing burst of litchi, infusing a sense of freshness and vibrancy. As the fragrance unfolds, delicate hints of raspberry and peony emerge, delicately entwining to create a floral symphony that captivates the senses. The heart of the fragrance is adorned with the timeless allure of rose, infusing an element of romance and elegance. Finally, the base notes of musk and vanilla provide a warm and sensual undertone, leaving a lingering trail that exudes sophistication and allure. Musk Areej’s carefully curated blend of fragrance notes beautifully encapsulates the essence of Arabian luxury, evoking an aura of timeless charm and seduction.


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