BLACK FORCE Eau De Parfum For Men 100 ml by Maryaj Perfumes


Top Notes: Bergamot, Clary Sage, Coriander

Heart Notes: Ylang Ylang, Lily of the Valley, Anise

Base Notes: Rosewood, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Musk, Moss

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BLACK FORCE Eau De Parfum For Men 100 ml by Maryaj Perfumes

Introducing Black Force, a fragrance that embodies strength and force in every drop. This powerful scent unleashes the vigorous power of citrus and aromatic notes, invigorating your senses from the very first spritz. As the journey progresses, it channels an inner strength through a heart of bold florals and spices, creating a captivating and dynamic olfactory experience.

The culmination of this unforgettable journey lies in its resolute, woody, musky, and mossy base. Here, the fragrance leaves an indomitable and lasting impression, lingering on your skin and in the air long after the initial application. Black Force is not just a scent—it’s a statement of confidence, resilience, and power.

Crafted for those who dare to be bold and stand out from the crowd, Black Force is the perfect companion for every occasion. Whether you’re conquering the boardroom or making a statement on the dance floor, let this fragrance be your secret weapon, leaving a trail of strength and allure wherever you go.

Experience the force of Black Force and unleash your inner power today.


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