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Pure Musk Milky Water Perfume Alcohol Free Halal Ard Al Zaafaran EDP 100ml


Discover the essence of Dubai with “Milky Pure Musk” – a fragrant symphony that celebrates the art of oriental perfumery. Let this magical fragrance accompany you throughout the day, creating a mystical aura that does not go unnoticed.

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Pure Musk Milky Water Perfume Alcohol-Free Halal Ard Al Zaafaran EDP 100ml

Immerse yourself in the sensory opulence of Dubai with our exclusive fragrance, “Milky Pure Musk”. Inspired by the region’s centuries-old scent traditions, this captivating fragrance evokes mystical elegance and timeless refinement.

Olfactory notes:

Top note: Let yourself be enchanted by the freshness of citrus fruits and the exotic sweetness of tropical fruits, creating a luminous and invigorating opening.
Heart note: The heart of the perfume reveals a delicate floral bouquet, where rose, jasmine and lily of the valley blend harmoniously, adding a touch of femininity and elegance.
Base Note: Pure musk notes impart a captivating depth, creating a lasting imprint that evokes sensuality and sophistication.

“Milky Pure Musk” is much more than a fragrance, it is an olfactory experience that transports you to the golden deserts of Dubai, where rich history and modernity meet. The exquisite bottle adds a touch of luxury to your daily ritual, capturing the sophisticated spirit of the city of superlatives.


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