Safwaan L’autre Oud EDP – 100Ml By Lattafa Perfumes


Top Notes: Ambergris, Pink Petals

Heart Notes: Spice Notes, Woody Notes

Base Notes: Agar, Oud

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Safwaan L’autre Oud EDP – 100Ml By Lattafa Perfumes

Safwaan Perfume, proudly crafted in the UAE, is a unisex fragrance designed to captivate both men and women alike. This aromatic creation belongs to the spicy and woody scent category, offering a rich and invigorating olfactory experience.

At its inception, Safwaan Perfume is introduced with a harmonious blend of top notes featuring the exquisite essence of Ambergris and the delicate allure of Pink Petals. This initial impression sets the stage for a fragrance that balances warmth and sophistication.

As the scent journey unfolds, the heart notes reveal an enticing combination of Spice and Woody elements. This interplay infuses the fragrance with depth and character, creating a captivating and dynamic aromatic profile.

The base notes of Safwaan Perfume provide a lasting and memorable foundation. Anchored by the distinctive presence of Agar and the timeless elegance of Oud, they leave a remarkable and lingering trail that resonates with an air of luxury and refinement.

In essence, Safwaan Perfume is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of UAE perfumery. Its unisex nature, coupled with the interplay of spicy and woody elements, ensures that it appeals to a diverse range of individuals seeking a fragrance that embodies both boldness and sophistication.


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