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Bakhoor | Aam Zayed by My Perfumes – 10 tablets


Aam Zayed

An earthy and refreshing fragrance that will feel like you’re surrounded by your favorite flowers…

Explore a huge range of My Perfumes Bakhoor for a variety of its unique fragrances.

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Aam Zayed Bakhoor by My Perfumes

Fill the air with a light and refreshing fragrance

Top Notes: Woody and Leafy

Middle Notes: Sandalwood and Oud

Base Notes: Floral, Rose, and Fresh

My Perfumes significant experience and knowledge of the industry has enabled them to master the science and art of making exquisite, unforgettable scents.
Made in U.A.E



My Perfumes


Ignite charcoal over a flame until it begins to glow. Place it into a bakhoor or incense holder Wait for 2 minutes Break up the bakhoor and sprinkle it over the hot coal Fragrance should permeate the air


Risk of fire and burns Keep away from children


My Perfumes


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