Pure Agarwood Incense Sticks with Wooden Holder by Pearla Nera


Embark on a sensory journey with PEARLA NERA’s Middle Eastern-inspired incense sticks. Let the captivating scents of Pure Agarwood Incense Sticks transport you to a tranquil state, ideal for meditation, yoga, and elevating moments of soothing, prayer, or romance.

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Incense Sticks by Pearla Nera – Home Fragrance & Aromatherapy

Pure Agarwood Incense Sticks with Wooden Holder
  • Top notes: Pure Agarwood
  • Heart Notes: Pure Agarwood
  • Base Notes: Pure Agarwood

Traditionally Made
Hand-blended and rolled in India according to ancient traditions

Rejuvenating Purposes

Ideal for aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, healing, soothing, prayer and romance

Natural Ingredients
Contains all pure and natural ingredients, including, essential oils, herbs, and wood gums

  • The PEARLA NERA incense sticks offer a unique olfactory experience, drawing inspiration from Maison d’Orient Middle Eastern style, setting them apart from standard Asian varieties
  • These incense packs blend classic fragrances beautifully, making them perfect for creating a soothing atmosphere in spaces like meditation rooms, offices, and bedrooms, imparting both a delightful scent and a sense of calm
  • The scents from these sticks have the power to transport you into a tranquil state of mind, adding an extra layer of serenity to your environment
  • Hand-blended and rolled in India using ancient techniques, these incense sticks feature a composition of pure and natural ingredients, including essential oils, herbs, and wood gums, ensuring a premium quality experience
  • Each pack includes forty sticks along with a wooden holder (ash catcher), making them not only suitable for aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, and healing, but also perfect for enhancing moments of soothing, prayer, and romance
  • With a total of six distinctive scents to choose from: Royal Amber, Oak Wood, Dark Wood, Rose Amber, Spice Wood, and Pure Agarwood, explore the entire collection to find the perfect match for your preferences
PEARLA NERA Incense Sticks Collection
This collection includes a total of 6 scent choices, so be sure to check them all out:

One pack contains 40 Incense sticks. Each stick length of 25 Centimetres creates 60 Minutes of burning time




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